No Regrets Personal Training Release Kit To Overcome Debilitating Back Pain

Based off years of research and practical application in a gym and rehabilitation setting, the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit has been designed to address this common yet debilitating issue. Released by No Regrets Personal Training and available now, the video and eBook set outlines easy to follow stretches, mobilisation techniques and stability exercises that can easily be performed at home. The program also addresses a significant point – that in most back pain cases, the condition is caused by a simple movement pattern dysfunction such as an incorrect office set-up, crossing your legs too often or poor footwear. For more information and to purchase please visit:

The back serves two main functions – stability and mobility. As a stable base for the entire body, the back allows us to stand upright, absorb shock when we walk or run, and protect the spinal cord. The spine is made of lots of small segments, all connected with muscles, tendons and ligaments, which allows us to move in all directions. Problems arise when there is too much stability or mobility, or the wrong kind of either (such as sitting for too long and bending in awkward ways) as they will start to unbalance the complex structures supporting the spine. This can set off a chain reaction that can lead to stiffness, tightness, weakness and pain.

Sedentary lifestyles coupled with an allopathic approach to merely treating symptoms has led this injury to reach a point where 9 out of 10 adults will experience back point at some point in their life. Causes of back pain include crossing your legs too often, standing unevenly, poor office set-up, inappropriate footwear, poor running technique and even a wallet in your back pocket.

No Regrets Personal Training Owner/Operator, Nick Jack, said back pain can have a major impact on a person’s livelihood and that the kit focusses on functional movements, rather than extreme measures such as medication and surgery, to overcome help manage and overcome this complex yet extremely common problem.

“It can result in significant discomfort with the simplest tasks such as a sitting for long periods of time, running and picking up items off the ground becoming unbearable. Research also shows that those with back pain are more likely to report poor health, very high levels of psychological distress, severe pain and core activity limitation, such as self-care and mobility, than those without the condition. This can have a profound effect on quality of everyday life, for not only the patient but their loved ones.”

“There is a misconception in the wider community that invasive surgery and medical drugs are normal solutions for dealing with chronic pain, and this couldn’t be more true for back pain. Recent AIHW disease expenditure data shows a staggering $1.2 billion was attributed to back problems in 2008-2009. We have been taught in today’s modern world to treat symptoms. What we must recognise is that in most cases this condition is the result of poor posture, overuse and repetitive movements.  This Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit aims to show people the power of a proper rehabilitation program,” Mr. Jack said.

“As a CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Practitioner and Personal Trainer for over 10 years, I have seen numerous clients who were in immense pain and struggling to participate in day to day life who have gone on to live pain free by simply addressing the root cause of their problem. We must become more educated about how to apply good principles of health using a proven formula of strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to prevent injury and overcome chronic pain,” explains Mr. Jack.

Inspired by the inspirational results from back pain clients at No Regrets Personal Training and those who have followed the step-by-step instructions in this resource, the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit is a comprehensive program to help people from all around the world to get on top of their pain in the comfort of their own home. Available for immediate download, the kit features a comprehensive 80 minute video, a 80 page eBook with detailed instructions, pictures, a recovery program and nutrition information.

The recovery program looks into the fundamentals of a well-structured rehabilitation program including establishing what repetitive movements may be causing the condition, assessing posture and flexibility imbalances, proper stretching, isolated strength and integrated strength training.

For more information and to purchase the Back Pain Secrets Tool Kit please visit today.

All media enquiries should be directed to Nick Jack:
M:   +61 408 525 564
T:    +61 3 8822 3723
A:    10/18 Redland Drive, Mitcham, Victoria, Australia 3132

Cynique Evoulé Brings Rude Intention to the Bay’s Fashion Scene!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. APRIL 26, 2016 After an unparalleled success of 20 produced runway shows, nationally and internationally, Cynique Evoulé will present their 21st runway show entitled Rude Intention! The event will take place May 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm at one of the Bay’s unique event spaces: Autobody Fine Art (1517 Park St., Alameda, CA.).

Continuing with all the elements of a Cynique Evoulé Runway Show, attendees will see a world class production, the hottest up-and-coming designers and have an opportunity to Shop the runway and interact with designers after the show.   

“The concept of this exciting event is to create an environment that will scream RUDE FABULOUS while featuring emerging designers Raw/Uncut, artistic expression through design.” states Felicia Mosley – CEO/Super Producer of Cynique Evoulé!

The Rude Intention Runway Show will bring together emerging Bay Area Designer’s KATRAA, Altana Danzhalova, Shohreh Rahmani and swimwear boutique Sea Intension. Each designer will feature 12 looks which will be brought to life on the runway by Celebrity Stylist Ashley Shaprece and official Hair Sponsor Paul Mitchell East Bay. CyniqueE Walkers (models) will walk the runway with sounds by The Bay’s own 106.1 KMEL DJ Rick Lee! Rude Intention guest will hear the beautiful voice of award winning R&B/Soul singer, songwriter Tracy Cruz as she performs and Host the runway show. And the entire event will be captured by Fashion, Art and Beauty photographer Leon Saperstein of Studio FAB Photography!

Members of the press should contact Bridgett S. Joe

Tickets are available on line at

Photos and additional information available to the press. Both national and international press are invited to cover the event.









Popcorn Ceilings Be Gone Thanks to the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket is a new innovation in home improvement tech. The bucket was designed to catch and contain up to 99% of the debris during a popcorn ceiling removal. “No more dirty floors, rolls of plastic drop cloths, or hours of clean up”, says Chase Brogan, Licensed Home Improvement Contractor and creator of the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket.
Since the 1960’s homes have been built using popcorn ceilings as a quick and inexpensive method of finishing a room. Over the years the popcorn ceiling’s popularity has waned as homeowner’s tastes have shifted. Popcorn ceilings are hard to clean and difficult to paint over or repair, which has lead their removal to steadily become one of the most requested remodeling procedures of home contractors. The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket is a highly utilitarian tool for home contractors and do it yourselfers by eliminating the mess and significantly reducing cleanup time on these remodeling jobs. Brogan invented the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket over five years ago to make his own life easier when removing popcorn ceilings for customers of his Connecticut based home improvement company, Chaseland Painting & Home Improvement. After using it successfully for over five years he decided to patent the design and put the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket into production.
“I have been using this product for five years now and it’s made my job so much easier,” says Brogan. “Just hold the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket by the handle and guide it along the front of your putty knife. As you scrape with the putty knife, the popcorn ceiling texture falls right into the bucket instead of onto the floor. Once the bucket is full you simply dump it into a trash bag or receptacle. We’ve even made the handle removable by unscrewing it from the base of the bucket so it can fit into any sink for an easy clean up when the job is complete.”

The rectangular enclosure is able to catch the falling popcorn ceiling debris as soon as it’s scraped without being too heavy to carry. The tool was designed with contractors in mind, but Brogan has tested it with DIY types and believes that it is easy enough for even those with limited remodeling experience to use. The bucket is easy to clean and small enough for someone to hold on a ladder, and will reduce the time on the remodeling project exponentially.

“This is a great home improvement tool for everyone,” says Brogan. “We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback so far, which makes me feel good to know that we’ve contributed something new to the field of home improvement.”

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket crew will be exhibiting at the 2016 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas onMay 4-6th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
For more information on the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket or to purchase one for your business or remodeling job, visit the website at:

Media Contact:
Chase Brogan

Sales Professional Designs College Career Talk to Help Future Graduates Secure Jobs

According to, only 1 in 5 college graduates had a job waiting for them in 2015. Michael J. Russ is an international bestselling author, speaker, and career sales professional who views this statistic as a huge problem. As part of basic college career planning, to help future college graduates increase their chances of securing fulfilling work, Russ has produced a presentation called, Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now to Prepare, Market, and Sell Yourself to Future Employers.

It’s vital that students see themselves as a product they will eventually have to persuade someone to buy, says Russ. This view helps students see how their choices and actions contribute to developing the non-academic skills they will need to successfully market and sell themselves in the future.

According to Russ, confidently selling yourself as the best person for a job involves demonstrating how your features—personal attributes, non-academic skills, work experience, and knowledge—can deliver more benefits to an employer than competing candidates. This talk strategically focuses students on taking action to develop highly marketable features.

The material Russ conveys in his visual presentation is delivered through humorous and inspiring personal stories derived from over 4


0 years of professional sales and entrepreneurial experience. He is passionate about empowering students to craft a path from where they are now to where they see themselves after graduation and beyond. Presentation highlights include:

  • Why you need to adopt a marketing mindset ASAP.
  • Who am I? Understanding what makes you tick.
  • I can do this! Harnessing the potential of your inner conversation.
  • Can we talk? The value of having diverse form of communication.
  • Oops! 4 potential career killers and how to avoid them.
  • I Spy! How to build confidence before an interview.
  • Eureka! Uncovering your unique career path.
  • Using failure to drive you to success.
  • The 18 things that can make you a head-turning job candidate.

The talk is a live adaptation of Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later, the eBook and audio CD Russ produced that shares the mindset, non-academic attributes, and skills students should develop to up their marketability to employers.

Planting the seeds of sales and marketing in student’s minds early in their educational career is crucial to understanding how classes, activities, work experience, outside interests, social media usage, financial decisions, and volunteer efforts contribute to the likelihood of future employment success, Russ says. Their college/university campus a gold mine of resources, I just show them a different way of viewing and using these resources.

After hearing Russ’ audio book, Christopher B., MA, a graduate of Florida State University said, Amazing information! I had no idea there were so many things I could do to make myself more attractive to an employer.

Russ is taking his practical career tips directly to students and is currently contacting college and university campuses around the country. His talk resonates with Millennial’s, he says, because it delivers information that allows them to take control of their lives, discover their right livelihood, and create the work/life balance they seek. Plus, the information is immediately applicable for students who need to find a job to help pay for school.

Russ can also expand his presentation into a training by adding two additional speakers from his Zero AdversityTM Training team:  Erica Bailey with How to Craft a Positive Social Media Brand and Glenn Brooks with Developing Your Relational Intelligence.

Michael J. Russ is President of Powerful Living Int’l, all presentations are part of Zero AdversityTM Training. For media inquiries or to schedule this innovative talk for your college or university, please email: or call 850-866-6965.  ####


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April, 25, 2016 Contacts: Bob Weiner/Ben Lasky 301-283-0821, cell 202-306-1200



(Washington, D.C.)—Robert Weiner, a former spokesman for the Clinton White House and House Government Operations Committee, policy analyst Lile Fu, and senior policy analyst Ben Lasky write in an article in the Orlando Sentinel, just released, that since Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon, the U.S. has done little in the nearly 50 years since to send an American astronaut to Mars other than shuttling 200-300 miles from earth. They contend the delay is due to “lack of political will,” and they quote astronauts in agreement.

They began, “On Friday, China announced that it plans to land a rover on Mars by 2020. The Russian Federal Space Agency is working with the European Space Agency. Every major power in the world has some form of interest in Mars. Like 1961, when Russia first rocketed Yuri Gagarin into orbit and the U.S. was afraid that Russians would beat us with the first actual man on the Moon, the race is on.”

They argued, “The U.S. should again set its priorities to be able to claim that it first stepped foot on the Red Planet. Unfortunately, we are not.”

They went on, “When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, Americans dreamed of the possibilities in spaceflight. We were certain that in the not-too-distant future, an astronaut would land on Mars. However, 47 years after the moon landing, the U.S. is no closer to that goal.”

They wrote, “The U.S. still has its eyes on Mars — at least that’s what the government leads us to believe. Astronaut Scott Kelly was back on Earth after spending 340 days in space on March 2. His year in space was part of a NASA study involving both him and his twin brother, Mark, a former astronaut, on space travel and the human body in space versus on Earth. This was in preparation for a theoretical Mars mission.”

They continued, “The problem is, there has been no mission to Mars. For nearly 50 years and counting since we landed on the moon, there has been a manned mission-to-orbit circling 200 to 300 miles above us, and an unmanned mission to other planets.”

Weiner, Fu and Lasky explained, “Mark Kelly and Col. Terry Virts, a former Air Force pilot, attended a “breakfast from space” presentation in person on the mission to Mars at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 15. Mark’s brother, Scott, also spoke at the event, live from the International Space Station.”

They reported, “There is a ‘lack of political will’ to generate public support for funding, according to Kelly and Virts. We have spent countless trillions of dollars on failed wars with wasted results, but we have spent nowhere near what we need to accomplish manned science in other parts of our universe. This could have amazing givebacks in resources and knowledge.”

They went on, “’Space is just a blip on the political radar,’ writes Keith Cowing, a former NASA employee and the editor of NASA Watch. NASA’s budget is less than half a percent of total federal spending, which hit $3.7 trillion in the 2015 budget year. NASA’s budget has stayed at less than 1 percent of the federal budget for more than 30 years after reaching its peak of almost 4 percent under President Nixon, when we stepped on the moon.”

They argued, “NASA advocates have tried. However, the Constellation human-spaceflight program was first removed from the 2010 NASA budget request, and has disappeared since, even though President Obama predicted a U.S.-crewed orbital Mars mission by the mid-2030s, preceded by an asteroid mission by 2025. Liberals typically block space programs to better spend money ‘at home.’”

They wrote, “According to Virts, technology has a lot of promise in a journey to Mars. He also said that based on the progress between 1961 and 1969, from Earth orbit to manned lunar landing on Mars is not far-fetched. But it can be done only with a green light from Congress and the White House.”

They continued, “’We must think of [space activities] as part of a continuing process and not a series of separate leaps,’” Nixon stated on March 7, 1970.

They explained, “Subsequent presidents put Mars exploration into their presidential calendars — and then ignored the funding.”

They said, “The central question inspiring Earthbound humans remains: Is there, or was there ever, life elsewhere in the solar system? Earth is the only planet that possesses life that we know. But that does not pass our common-sense test, which is why millions either did see UFOs or believe they did. Whether life is possible on another planet attracts scientists and everyone else.”

They went on, “And then there is commercialization. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich ran for president and called for space colonization. Maybe that’s not the best reason to go there.”

Weiner, Fu and Lasky concluded, “Neil Armstrong famously declared that his landing was, “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” That joy of pure science and exploration is a great hope. However, since those first steps, the U.S. has barely crawled toward anywhere else.”

Robert Weiner is a former spokesman for the Clinton White House and House Government Operations Committee. Lile Fu of Beijing, China, is policy analyst at Solutions for Change. Ben Lasky is senior policy analyst at Solutions for Change.

Link to article:

Captain Amarinder Singh cornered by BJP,Arun Jaitley in Canada and US

Toronto Ont. Sunil Rathore. Captain Amarinder Singh, Member Parliament, Deputy Leader of Indian National Congress, had to face hardships and legal complications, by human Rights activists Sikhs For Justice. Captain Amarinder Singh’s trip to Chicago happened after BJP’s Arun Jaitley had visited New York.
Overseas Friends of BJP, in United States and Canada, have had meetings with Khalistan 2020, leaders in preparation for Punjab Elections in 2017. Punjab Pradesh Congress, headed by Captain Amarinder Singh the target of BJP, on his Campaign to United States and Canada. New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, will also be informed by India’s Foreign Secretary to abide by Canada Elections Laws, which prohibit Foreign Leaders to campaign in Vancouver, Toronto, Canada the hub of NRI’s from Punjab.

Iconic Footwear Brand L.A. Gear Announces Licensing Partnerships

Iconic Footwear Brand L.A. Gear Announces Licensing Partnerships  
Introduces Spring, Summer and Fall 2016 Collections in Apparel, Accessories, Activewear and more

April 25th, 2016- Los Angeles, C.A.:  L.A. Gear announces new licensing partnerships for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2016. The renowned footwear brand teams up with five companies to release an assortment of goods in various categories.

Horizon New York introduces fashion knit tops for young Men and Juniors and New York based apparel company, PPI, unveils women’s activewear and women’s and children’s underwear.

Licensee G&W Apparel is set to release apparel for both girls and boys, followed by Twist Intimate Group’s  launch of Men’s underwear and loungewear. This Fall, Omega Apparel will premiere Men’s activewear, and fashion apparel.

L.A. Gear’s new licensed products are and will be available in mid-tier department stores, sporting goods stores and specialty stores.

For more information please contact: FYI Brand Communications| Melissa Charles| (212)586-2240

The Anatomy of a $20k Plus Wig Made By Egypt Lawson at Hairline Illusions

Celebrities have a lot of expendable income; They use this income for their elaborate lifestyles and beauty rituals. Spending money on everything from $1000 trips to the hair salon and thousands of dollars worth of spa and dermatological procedures, I have wondered if they are just getting a superstar sized price hike. That was until I learned how much some of these stars often pay for their wigs and all the hard work that goes into them..

At a recent star-studded event, I overheard a celebrity lamenting the price of her hair to her stylist. “For twenty grand, you would think that my hair would do itself!” she said as she impatiently waited for her final primping to be complete. My usually bulletproof decorum broke momentarily and I gasped. “Twenty thousand dollars… For a wig?” I asked, trying to collect myself. “Of course!” she explained; “If you’re looking for the absolute best wig in the world, its the price you pay”. Then she began telling me about the wig maker responsible for this gorgeous wig; Egypt Lawson.

The Luxury Wig Maker to The Stars

Egypt Lawson is responsible for the most guarded beauty secrets of her many celebrity clientele. Celebrating over twelve years since the launch of her website, Hairline Illusions founder Egypt Lawson has been a wig making industry leader for many years.

Her work is worn by numerous public figures in film, television, and even in publications such as Vogue Japan. She is a celebrity stylists best friend.

What Makes Hairline Illusions So Different?

Hairline Illusions is the maker of the worlds most sought after wig; the Black Label collection. In both hair quality and workmanship, these wigs are the most rare and most desired wigs that money can buy.

If a client wants twenty inches of hair, it will need to come from multiple sources. Using a tedious process and double-drawn rare human hair, Hairline Illusions will draw out all of the shorter hairs and regrowth that are naturally found in donor ponytails. A wig with 20” long hair might require between 10 and 20 donor ponytails of at least 24” in length.

For ponytails of that length, a wig maker can expect to pay between $500 and $1000 each, depending upon their origin. This is what allows a wig to maintain a healthy and luxurious look; none of the thinness or sparse look at the ends that you would surely see in natural hair of that length.

Understanding the Cost of Black Label Wigs

Creating these Black Label wigs in a time intensive process that requires hundreds of hours of careful work. These rare and stunningly beautiful creations are made with the highest standards in mind. Because of their time consuming nature and the amount of resources required to create them, only the most exclusive clients are able to secure a spot on the waiting list for Black Label wigs. Each of these unique pieces are and thoughtfully made by Egypt personally, which may serve to explain the two year waiting period.

Depending upon the amount of hours and the cost of the hair used, these wigs can easily exceed the $20,000 price point. The foundation used for each wig is a unique creation made specifically for the wearer. In turn, the clients that purchase Black Label wigs expect a wig that will look realistic close up in person or on film.

For those seeking the Hairline Illusions luxury without the five figure price tag, wigs with remy hair and mesh style wig caps begin at $3000.

Classes are also offered to learn how to make and maintain these beautiful tresses.

Often I come across many people who say they would never pay that much for a wig or the price is too high; To those people I say you generally have to pay for things of good quality and for those looking for the best of the best and have the expendable income to do so these items are for you. Everything is not for everyone and many people would like a Rolls Royce or a Birkin bag, etc… But you should not spend your last on these items if it is not in your budget to do so. These Items are reserved for those who when shopping money is no object. In my opinion these are the best wigs you can buy and if you have $20,000 to spend you will look absolutely fabulous.

Hairline Illusions Celebrating Over 10 Years in Business!
Our goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction! Your privacy is guaranteed!
5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(866) 777-7567

Suns Out Tails Out With Dirty Fur Clothing

Dirty Fur Clothing

Every dog hoodie, dog shoes, dog shirt, dog sweater, dog coat, dog dress, dog jersey and seasonal items for Halloween  is hand selected for the discerning fashion savvy shopper you and your doggie baby are. Accessories includes: dog bandanas, dog harnesses & dog collars which are colorful and of great quality and backed by exceptional customer service.

Features and Benefits

Small dogs do not regulate their heat as well as larger dogs; wearing clothing helps them maintain their temperature. dog hoodies are comfortable and has openings for the important tasks such as daily waste disposal.

Mommies will benefit from protect their doggie baby from the elements and support health by maintain the body temperature.

Boots & shoes

Protect the doggie baby’s feet from cold weather, rain, mud, dirt and sharp objects. Mommies benefit from having a cleaner doggie baby and home without dirt being tracked throughout.


Mommies can dress their doggie baby in the duds of their favorite team while protecting them against the elements and gives your doggie baby a unique look, while maintaining body temperature.

Seasonal items for Halloween

Mommies can dress their doggy baby in the colors of their favorite season or every season while protecting against the elements and gives your doggie baby a unique look, while maintaining body temperature.


Is it your doggie baby birthday? Mommies can dress their doggie baby for any special occasion, the memories will last a lifetime.


Mommies take stroll for an enjoyable afternoon out, especially for doggie babies that are not long range or fast walkers. Spend more time with your doggie baby on a nice enjoyable walk.

Harnesses & collars

Protect your doggie baby with a unique personalized look, while keeping them safe and restrained in a fashionable way.

Call Us Toll Free (877)-547-5958

C-Secure RFID slim wallet

C-Secure Releases New Slimmer RFID-Blocking High-End Wallet


A compact solution that is as secure & stylish as the first C-Secure wallet.


Netherlands, Arnhem – April 21, 2016 – Electronic pickpocketing is on the rise. This heinous crime affects millions of people. That’s why C-Secure developed an aluminum credit card wallet a few years ago to stop malevolent parties from reading the RFID chip on credit cards. But, it wasn’t just any wallet. This was an elegant and stylish, high-end wallet with a unique leather casing. This proactive solution has protected many innocent people from unwanted identity theft. Now the company released a new slimmer RFID-blocking wallet that’s even more compact than its metal counterpart. The creators launched an IndieGoGo campaign to offer this wallet for a special discount.

The upgraded C-Secure wallet is lined with a newly developed unique fabric that provides the same level of protection against electronic pickpocketing but is more fashionable and compact for everyday use. It also has an extra compartment outside the protection fabric, so people can scan their public transportation cards or work badges without having to take it out each time. People can use this compartment as a cash only compartment as well.

It’s available in different colors and there are plans to expand the range further by adding different types of leather, textures, and prints.

To learn more about this revolutionary wallet, visit the IndieGoGo campaign. Click here to make a contribution and pre-order a wallet today. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards.

This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special project! Help the campaign reach its goal by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks.