Tis the Season for Tanning

jlasd892As we close the summer season and welcome autumn, keeping tanned through the rest of the year requires regular use of tanning beds. During the summer season our tans are naturally maintained, depending on the weather and outdoor conditions. For most tanners, tanning indoors is relaxing, while having some privacy and quiet time to unwind. Besides the great appearance indoor tanning is an alternative to direct sun rays and in moderation can actually improve serotonin levels, which are associated with feeling happier even when the sun isn’t shining.

There are a number of benefits for indoor tanning with the most obvious of course, being appearance and a great looking tan throughout the year. At the start of summer, many start tanning before heading out to the outdoors for direct sunning or areas where sunshine is not as frequent. There are individuals who simply enjoy the indoor tanning sensation and the healthy glow without having to work at it.


Health wise tanning indoors actually provides better controls to UV exposure, while delivering the same results as the sun. Managed exposure to UV rays requires precaution, whether the exposure is outside or inside. Ultimately these same rays help the body to function better, especially during cloudy seasons, when the body needs this provisional element to operate its internal defense system. One area, many forget are the conditions of the skin after surgery, childhood scars and other injuries. Tanning beds can actually darken the mark, slowing blending it in with the rest of the skin tone. Other skin conditions that can benefit from indoor tanning is body acne caused from excess secretion of oils. The rays help to dry the oil, allowing the skin to heal and improve.


Beyond skin conditions is health, resilience dealing with the thyroid gland, which helps to balance the body’s metabolism, and according to medical research individuals avoiding the needed exposure directly from the sun can benefit from indoor tanning. And for the workout enthusiast the indoor heat can help to soothe tired and aching muscles while, nourishing the body with a much needed element of vitamin D, which the body cannot produce on its own.

All tanning salons have guidelines to ensure the UV exposure is fixed to increase the body’s vitality and appearance without causing harm to the outer skin areas. Tanning salons can help with the frequency and length of each session for the best appearance and healthiest results.

Picking Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

egringThere are so many different pieces of jewelry that you could choose to wear on any day, from pearl necklaces to gold bracelets, but there is nothing quite as special as engagment rings. Picking out the perfect engagement ring is important because you will want to have it on at all times. All other jewelries are pretty, but that is all. You will wear the other types of jewelry whenever you feel like it. You will switch off between them and not think anything of it. But the ring that you wear to show that you are engaged is more important than any other type of jewelry. It is a symbol of your love, and you should like it enough to keep it on your finger at all times.

But, how can you be assured that you will fall in love with your engagement ring just as much as you fell in love with the one who gave it to you? What you are going to want to do to make sure that you love the ring is to pick one out that fits with your style. You will want to carefully look through all of your possibilities and find the one ring that stands out to you. There are so many options out there, and you will find one that perfectly fits your style if you just look hard enough.
Once you have the ring that fits your style it is time for you to get it fitted. You will feel much better about having it on all of the time if it fits well on your finger. Get it fitted professionally and you will be happy with the results.

When your ring has been fitted, and has been chosen in a style that you love, then you are going to want to wear it all of the time. You will want to keep it on wherever you go, and you will not even think of taking it off. It is a special item and it is meant to be worn all of the time. Engagement rings and wedding rings are like no other item of jewelry, and it is more important than anything to pick out an engagement and wedding ring that you love, so that you will want to keep them on for the rest of your life.

Take your time in picking out your rings and you will be sure to find something that you love.

Amazing Wedding Ring Designs

Amazing Wedding Ring DesignsJust like you are unique, you want a wedding ring that is unique too. It is something you will wear day in and day out so you want something you love and will enjoy looking at constantly.

First there is a round shape diamond. Believe it or not, round is the most popular choice for stone shape in wedding rings. This could be because it creates the most brilliance for a stone. Girls love sparkles! I know, mine is a round shape and it sparkles like none other and I absolutely love that about it. Next we have a square shape which is called princess cut. This is also another popular choice. In my opinion, it probably has to do with the name, all girls secretly wish they were a princess. There is also what is known as the emerald cut. This is rectangular in shape. Something to keep in mind is that inclusions in a diamond might be more apparent in rectangular shaped stones. Similar to the round cut, there is an oval shape. This is kind of nice because it integrates the round feel and rectangle feel. Also it is more unique. I know I haven’t seen too many oval shaped rings. Since I mentioned you want a ring that is unique to you, some women prefer the pear shaped diamond. This resembles a teardrop in shape. Keep in mind that if you want this shape, make sure the ring has extra prongs to protect the edges of the diamond. Another unique look is a heart shaped diamond. They can either be fat so they appear wider or elongated so they are taller. Often the prongs on the band holding the diamond in place are v-shaped so that the heart diamond has a better shape. The last shape I want to talk about is trilliant. This is a triangular shaped diamond. More often than not, these are used as side stones to accentuate the center stone.

So now we have talked about the cut of a diamond and the shape of the diamond. Once you have those picked out there is so much you can do in order to have a unique wedding ring, it all just comes down to the setting. You can have the diamond in a simple solitaire setting which is just the diamond on a plain band. To jazz this basic ring up a little you can add little pave diamonds onto the band. If you want something slightly more flashy than that, you could add two bands with pave diamonds. Another idea is to add pave diamonds around the main diamond itself. You can have thicker bands or thinner bands. You can have a straight band, or a band that curves around in some fashion. The bottom line is that you can find wedding rings in just about any style. My wedding ring is a more traditional style, while a friend of mine has a ring that looks like her diamond is set in a spiders web and it very antique looking. It all comes down to your style and preference. There are so many different jewelers out there so make sure to work with someone who is trustworthy and understands your vision if you are custom designing something incredible and unique. 

Tips for Finding Beautiful and Unique Jewelry

Tips for Finding Beautiful and Unique JewelryEmbarking on a jewelry purchasing adventure can be a very exciting, romantic and fun time. Depending on the occasion that the jewelry is being purchased for there are different ways to make sure that the jewelry is beautiful and unique for the recipient. So how do you find beautiful yet unique jewelry for someone or even yourself? Here are helpful tips in finding a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and unique that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

    • Customize- Many jewelers are able to customize jewelry that will reflect the person who will be wearing it. Being able to make style and design choices makes the jewelry a one of a kind piece of art. No one else will have that same piece of jewelry. A customize piece could be for a bride to be, a groom or even to be able to give to family members to remember special occasions. It is possible to customize rings, bracelets and necklaces and other items. The customized jewelry can be a surprise gift or a collaborative effort together. Either way it will be sure to be unique and beautiful.


    • Pandora- Pandora jewelry is able to be unique and beautiful for its ability to change with the removing and addition of pieces. With over 600 charms and pendants jewelry can be designed to be a perfect reflection of anyone personality. Pandora also offers the ability to buy different pieces and elements over the recipient’s lifetime. You can be able to make jewelry that will be able to tell a story from the beginning of a relationship to the end. The relationship doesn’t need to be limited between spouses; it can be for a daughter, mother or friend as well. Selecting charms and pendants that have special meaning behind it will make for a unique item.


    • Gemstones and Colored Diamonds- the traditional beauty of clear diamonds will always stay in fashion and be beautiful. But for a more unique look consider using colored diamonds or gemstones to add more personality to the jewelry. Popular birthstone gemstones are in order; garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, period, sapphire, opal, citrine and turquoise. There are different hues to each gemstone which makes it possible to be able to create a piece of jewelry that will be special and original.


  • Gold and Silver- Yellow gold has been considered a more old style, or traditional color of gold. But it is currently becoming more and more popular. White gold and silver is still popular as well, many engagements are with white gold diamond rings. Both are beautiful and come down to the individual style of the person who will be wearing it. To be able to have a unique gold or silver piece consider combining the both or selecting one tone and adding complimentary gemstones and diamonds to it.


Wedding Bands

Two Platinum or Silver Rings - Reflected Candles

Looking for a pair of the most exquisite wedding bands you will ever see? Do diamonds dazzle you? Visit Mitchum Jewelers at www.mitchumjewelers.com to view one of the nicest collections of wedding bands in the United States.
Found in Ozark, Missouri, Mitchum Jewelers is known for its “brilliant ideas since 1965.” Back in January of 1965, John Mitchum opened Mitchum Jewelers and so began a lifelong trade that turned into not just a family business, but a passion. The art of jewelry making was passed down to his son Randy as well who now takes care of most of the business.
Mitchum Jewelers features on its website brand such as TacoriPandora, Parade, and Chatham, all reputable, some of the finest jewelry on the market. If you’re looking for customization, and a ring that no one else will have, this is the place to go.
Mitchum Jewelers is well known for wedding bands, specifically men’s bands. Women have gorgeous diamonds, but that’s no reason for men to not have some of the dazzle that their fairer counterparts have. Whether you enjoy gold or silver, whether you like diamonds or simple bands, visiting www.mitchumjewelers.com is an educating experience and you’re certain to find a band that you’ll fall in love with. You might prefer a simple polished gold or silver band. Maybe you enjoy diamonds set into the precious metal. You could have a mix of metals, or choose rose gold or platinum, tungsten or titanium. Or maybe you’d even like to incorporate your faith into your custom wedding band and have a cross of diamonds or of a different kind of metal. Whatever you wish, you can be sure you will get it and for a reasonable price. Each band is also crafted with a smooth, rounded interior for the most comfortable fit a man could imagine.
Further personalization of the wedding bands include engraving, which can be done inside the band for little extra cost. Take the time to peruse the website and see for yourself that some of the most popular brands like Tacori, Pandora, Parade, and Chatham, are carried by Mitchum Jewelers. Women can choose their own delicately crafted wedding bands that will accentuate their engagement rings and match their future partner’s ring as part of a lovely set. The skilled jewelers at Mitchum Jewelers are always more than willing to help, with links on their website to contact info and their phone number boldly emblazoned on the top of their web page. Everything is crafted with care and would not be in stock if it was not the most perfect of all creations. Give your loved one a gift they will remember. Slip a symbol of your life-long love on their finger and show them that they mean more to you than anything else in the entire world.

How To Find The Best Wedding Bands

How To Find The Best Wedding BandsThere are many elements a couple must consider when planning their wedding. There is the wedding space, the reception space, the food, and of course the wedding band that is selected to perform at the wedding itself or the reception. In fact, choosing a wedding band is one of the most important things that must be considered.

A couple should not rush into the process of choosing a wedding band. They should take their time and carefully consider their options to ensure they are choosing the very best band available to them. The best way to do this is to carefully conduct online research to determine what bands are available in their area that do in fact perform at weddings.

Once this process has started a couple should carefully research each of these bands and should request demos in order to listen to the bands to see what style of music they perform. Many people have found great success by relying on westcoastsoulband.net.

After listening to various bands and narrowing down options one should contact those bands they are satisfied with and should determine which bands are available based on the day of the event you want to schedule them for. This step can’t be overlooked. You want to focus on availability to quickly see which bands you have available to you.

Apart from talent and availability a person must focus on cost. Most people have strict budgets in place they must rely on when it comes to planning their wedding. The good news is that most bands that perform for weddings are quite aware that most couples have limited spending budgets when it comes to planning their weddings.

Meeting with a band is also important. Prior to hiring any band a couple should meet with the bands in person to determine what type of personality they have, what type of music they are capable of playing, if they will play songs you have mind, and what they expect in return for their services. Often time’s couples skip this step, however, it is one of the most important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

These are some of the most important elements a couple must focus on when seeking out the very best wedding band or singer for their big day. If these steps are followed a couple will very easily be able to find an affordable and talented band.


Dressing for a First Date

Dressing for a First DateWhen it comes to dressing for a first date, you want to look your best, feel confident and sexy, and be ready to have fun. You don’t have to break the bank in order to have a top notch date night look. There are many cheap cute tops you can choose from, that will best complement your body type, and give you a hot look for your date.

Tank tops are a classy style of top that you can wear. Tank tops can be dressed up in silk, cotton, or linen fabric. Choose a top that has sequin adornments, rich beading, or in a vibrant print. Tank tops rock because you can layer it with a sweater or blazer over it. When wearing a tank top alone, show off your arms by wearing stacked bracelets, or an armlet.

V neck tops are a great choice to show off a beautiful neckline, a great bust, or to give a sense of curves to your figure. Lean women should opt for a top that ties at the waist, to create a waistline. Plus size women look best with a v neck top that cinches under the bust. Flowing fabrics offer a sense of femininity and a delicate feel.

Ladies that are feeling more daring can choose an off the shoulder top, or even a tube top. Off the shoulder tops look great with long hair or short hair. Tube tops should be balanced out with a longer skirt or a pair of pants. Make sure that when you choose a tube top, that it fits snug and will not fall down easily. Choosing to purchase a cheap cute top should not mean you need body glue to wear it.

If you are looking for more coverage, or have a more conservative sense of style, button up tops are best. Button up tops look great on their own, under a jacket, or in a wrap style. To give your shirt a more relaxed look and feel, leave the top two buttons open. Make sure to pair your look with some classy earrings, or an eye-catching necklace.

Cheap cute tops do not mean that you will look cheap or dowdy. Choose fashionable designs that make your body type look its best. Freshen up your look with accessories, and above all work your personal style with confidence and finesse. A first date may make you nervous, but a well chosen outfit will imbue you with the confidence of a fashion goddess.

Planning a Wedding in Cape Cod

Planning a Wedding in Cape CodOne of the most romantic and picturesque places to have wedding is in Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a simple drive from any where in the North East. Not only will it provide the perfect wedding for you, but it will also provide to your guest many different activities that will please all your wedding guest.

To plan one of these beautiful Cape Cod Weddings you will need to start with by making a list of different venues that you find very romantic and just right for your wedding. Once you have a list of a few places that you would like to have your wedding at, you will need to call around to make appointments to see each place, so you can look at each one of them and decide which one is best for you. Once you find the perfect wedding place, then you will need to find a date that they will be available that works for you and your groom and set the date and put the deposit down on the venue.

Once the date is set and the venue is set, next is the making the list of things to do. You will need to make a list of what colors you want for the flowers, dresses, suits, and any decorations you might want. The best way to wade through all the decisions is to make a list and weed out the things that just don’t seem like you would like, and keep the things on the list that seem the most important and pretty to you. A good idea to help you narrow down the list of “wants” would be to have pictures of each potential item, then you can place color beside color to figure out what goes well together.

Now you will want to send out the invites so that family and friends can be prepared for the upcoming event and maybe they will RSVP so you will know about how many people will be attending. This will help you to plan a little better.

Next to planning a Cape Cod Wedding would be to find the cake. You will need to taste many cakes, look at many designs, but be assured you will find the right one that fits your needs.

While your looking at colors and sifting through taste testing of all different kinds of cakes, keep in mind to stop by some stores and find that perfect dress. Just keep in mind that once the dress is found, most likely some altering will need to take place, this could affect the time frame of the wedding. Make sure the dress will be ready for the big day and be on time.
Just remember to relax and have fun, because when it is all said and done, you will be beautiful and this day will be perfect.

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

engagement_ringAre you looking at getting married and wanting to find the perfect ring to tell that special someone just how much they truly mean to you? At Azzi Jewelers they have everything you could possibly want and more at a price that doesn’t have to break the bank. Their main office is located in Lansing, Michigan but you can also make purchases online at www.azzijewelers.com. The web site is nicely tailored to help provide you ideas, see some of the merchandise offered and best of all a custom design set online that will walk you through the steps of developing your own personal ring that will melt your future spouse’s heart.

Azzi Jewelers isn’t just for engaged or married couples. They have something for everyone including spoiling yourself. It is no wonder that with the quality and professionalism provided that they are a Rolex official jeweler. A Rolex watch is always a great way to process that special someone or helping you look your best at that business event and doing it in style. All you have to do is come in to our location, scroll through the web site at www.azzijewelers.com and if all else fails you have easy access to “Ask an Expert” all with the click of a button to answer any questions you might have. Anything from types of Jewelry to financing offered.

Whatever the occasion you can never go wrong with jewelry. Not sure what a loved one might want? The design professionals at Azzi Jewelers have on site store designers that can custom create your jewelry no matter how complicated or in depth to give you that special piece that you can keep and pass on to future generations.

Azzi jewelers also offers clearance items to those on a tight budget or who wants to save additional money on their purchases. Doesn’t mean that it is any less quality and can help keep more of your own money in your pocket.

Not looking at making any type of jewelry purchases in the near future, that is ok as well. Are you trying to get rid of any jewelry that you have at home? Azzi Jewelers also purchases gold and diamonds. So why not take that unwanted jewelry and turn it into some cash instead. Regardless of your needs contact us, in person, online or by phone and let us find out what we can do for you today!

How To Pick The Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Winter_wedding_dressWhile the most popular months for weddings are still the summer months, particularly June, the winter season is making a strong run at being the most favored time to get married.

There are many excellent reasons to choose a winter wedding, and it is easy to see why winter weddings are becoming so popular.

Of course a winter wedding means a winter wedding dress, and it is important to choose that wedding dress with care. After all, the winter wedding dress is the showpiece of any winter wedding, so it is important to choose it very carefully.

==Choosing a Reputable And Reliable Wedding Dress Shop==

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown, nothing is more important than the reputation and reliability of the wedding dress maker.

There are many vendors who sell wedding dresses, from department stores to chain wedding dress stores to specialty retailers. There are even wedding dresses available online, so it is important to shop around.

==Places To Find Your Winter Wedding Dress==

One of the first places to start the search for the perfect winter wedding dress is the local high end department store.

Many of the finest department stores carry a good selection of wedding gowns and other special dresses, so it is a good idea to shop there first.

==Choosing A Dress Off the Shelf Or A Customized One==

In addition, there are many chain wedding dress makers on the market, and they can be excellent choices for creating the perfect winter wedding dress.

Some of these chain stores carry only off the shelf wedding gowns, while others employ seamstresses who may be able to customize the winter wedding dress you prefer just for you. If you need such custom fitting, be sure to ask about it before you have chosen and paid for your dress.

==The Internet Is A Great Place To View The Most Up To Date Styles==

There are even winter wedding dress suppliers on the internet, and the web has been gaining in popularity as a source of wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns.

While some brides to be miss the experience of trying on dresses in brick and mortar stores, others enjoy the convenience and low prices of these virtual dress shops. So if you are looking for a bargain on your winter wedding dress, be sure to check online.