Researchers Suspect that the Launch of Western Civilization Came with a Soundtrack

The pursuit of supernatural sound effects may be what drove the building of the first megalithic monuments and subsequent changes that shaped our world.  Archaeoacoustics: a new multi-disciplinary field of study provides a compelling understanding of what sound and music were doing for people in the ancient world.  By relating the world’s oldest monumental sites, their artifacts and cultural traditions related to the use of sound, a history-book-changing picture emerges about ancient human development. 

Many laypeople may see the word “archaeoacoustics” as a typo, unaware that this intricate new field of study holds the key to understanding the world’s oldest monuments and the people who launched western civilization.  It’s the study of sound as it relates to the ancient world, and pioneering researchers are passionate about harnessing its power.  

Ancient societies have left us clues in architectural components and art that are pure expression in their own prehistoric language, but it isn’t easy for us to read.  With the study of Archaeoacoustics, the world’s oldest buildings, from Gobekli Tepe in Anatolia to the megalithic temples of Malta to the passage tombs of Ireland and dolmens of Portugal are examined with scientific data from the realms of Archaeology, Architecture, Anthropology, Genetics, Physics, and Physiology.   Fascinating pieces of evidence can be set side by side, resulting in a stunning premise that not only goes where no one has gone before, but has big implications for how we might be able to reclaim ancient knowledge for productive use today. 

A number of international conferences and field expeditions have brought together data that weaves an intricate ancient tapestry in a way never previously explored.  Linda C. Eneix, conference organizer and editor of proceedings, feels that modern compartmentalization of specialized knowledge has unintentionally handicapped our understanding of one of the most pivotal times in the human story: the agricultural revolution that fostered settlement in towns and eventually cities: a change that sparked civilization. “The most significant factor in this field is its multi-disciplinary aspect,” explains Eneix, “a phenomenon that at first seems like pseudo-science to an archaeologist becomes abundantly clear when it is explained by a physicist.   A rock art specialist can help us see details that could easily be overlooked by the untrained eye.  Something that musicologists have known for years takes on new meaning when it is applied to ancient social structure and lifestyle.” 

Archaeologist Dr. Fernando Coimbra agrees, “The multidisciplinary character of Archaeoacoustics can provide a deeper insight, providing a better knowledge of the past, a better understanding of the present and a better planning of the future.”  Coimbra recognizes a new direction for interpretation of heritage sites.  “In the last years,” he says, “Archaeoacoustics has been contributing with important data in order to understand better several social aspects of past communities, when studying, for example, the acoustic properties of some places, sound frequencies and acoustic phenomena, among other aspects. Indeed this helps to explain the role of sound across History and its effects on the human brain and consequent behavior of individuals and societies. “

The next international multi-disciplinary conference on Archaeoacoustics will be held in Tomar, Portugal in October 2017.  Registration is open to non-presenting observers.  Archaeoacoustics III is organized by  The OTS Foundation, The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal, The Instituto Terra e Memória (ITM)  and The Geosciences Centre of Coimbra University.  Details can be found online: website

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Lost 2000 Open Championship Caddie Hall of Fame footage has been found To Help Grow The Game & Team PCA seeks PGA & LPGA Leadership

Set back and enjoy a WALK through history and great stories from our 2000 Caddie Hall of Fame inductees –
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The World Caddie Hall of Fame nomination committee is launching a world campaign to get nominees for the 2017 Caddie Hall of Fame and beyond.  They are asking for your support and nominees for the Kids and the Game. 

The Caddie Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 by the PCA Caddie Foundation and Dennis & Laura Cone and started on the grounds of the World Golf Village inducting the inaugural 1999 class of Alfie Files (  Tom Watson ) ,  Angelo Argea, ( Jack Nicklaus ) Mike ” Fluff ” Cowan  ( Tiger Woods & Jim Furyk ) , Carl Jackson ( Ben Crenshaw ) , Peter Coleman (  Bernhard Langer ) , Herman Mitchell ( Lee Trevino )  and more –  
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GasTechno Energy and Fuels Mini-GTL® Goes Commercial

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) deploys its third generation commercial-scale Mini-GTL® plant in Michigan

Walloon Lake, MI – (July 25, 2016). GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, the exclusive licensing subsidiary of Gas Technologies LLC, recently deployed its first commercial-scale gas-to-liquids Mini-GTL® plant at the New Haven Gas Storage Facility located in Michigan. The rapid, seamless deployment of the plant exceeded even the expectations of CEO, Walter Breidenstein:

“Following final pressure testing, it took us less than one day to mobilize the 40-foot GTL in a Box® container from our Charlevoix manufacturing facility to the gas field and complete the mechanical and electrical connections. Over the next few months, we will perform extensive operational testing of the commercial plant using a range of gas feedstocks before the plant is re-located to North Dakota. Unlike our competitors who optimize their plants for steady flowrate pipeline spec natural gas, our Mini-GTL® plant has the ability to handle peak initial production and off-spec gases with high percentages of inert compounds straight from the wellhead. The ease of deployment validates our modular design philosophy of simple hardware, sophisticated software.”

The significant decline in oil prices coupled with increasingly stringent emissions regulations has oil and gas producers searching for ways to reduce costs, generate incremental revenues and meet emissions compliance requirements.  The GTL in a Box® solution, recently profiled in the July 2016 issue of Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East, can create significant value for producers by capturing and converting previously wasted flare gas or stranded gas into high-value, saleable liquids including methanol. The commercial launch of this portable, scalable solution is ideal for remote sites anywhere, including locations in the frigid Alaska tundra to the New Mexico drylands.

Dr. Lawrence Lau, recently travelled from Singapore to participate in the preferred vendor training program during start-up, commissioning and operations.  He started in July to provide valuable feedback for the training manual currently being written for future operators and plant engineers.  GasTechno® plans to hold its first operator training program in the 4th quarter of 2016 alongside workshops to construct a robust flare elimination business case for O&G producers and well-pad site planning.  Those interested in participating should contact GasTechno Energy and Fuels (USA).

“Whether you are looking for offshore or onshore flare reduction technologies, or gas monetization solutions, I’m continually amazed at how compact and elegant is the Mini-GTL® solution.  I’ve watched the progress of the technology over the past 10 years, and being a mentor for Singapore’s premier accelerator program, view the GasTechno® team as exemplifying the lean startup philosophy, achieving all their milestones on a limited but carefully managed budget,” says Dr. Lau.  “I’ve also analyzed cleantech companies from around the world and I can say that the GasTechno® process qualifies as a radical innovation, shifting the smart chemical plant right onto remote gas fields whilst being monitored from Michigan. During my time here, I look forward to sharing experiences with manufacturing vendors and potential owners as the GasTechno® team starts pitching to hundreds of flaring sites around the US.”

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will partner with O&G operators under a joint venture project structure or provide turnkey design, installation, operation and maintenance of the Mini-GTL® plants to help them grow their bottom lines and meet emissions compliance needs. The portable GasTechno® mini-GTL® solution can capture flares as small as 125,000 scfd and scale to meet customer needs.  

With the U.S. EPA developing comprehensive methane emission reduction regulations and both the US and Canada endorsing the World Bank Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative, the O&G sector is facing unprecedented pressure to reduce their carbon emissions or risk production well shut-ins.  To serve customers’ need to reduce flaring emissions, GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) will establish new sales offices in Houston, TX and North Dakota, respectively.  Potential customers with a serious interest to reduce flaring emissions and create incremental value for their operations using the Mini-GTL® solution may request a site visit to our commercial-scale facility in Michigan before it is relocated to North Dakota. The Mini-GTL® plant is slated for a selective public grand opening in fourth quarter 2016.

About GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC

GasTechno Energy & Fuels (USA) LLC, a subsidiary of parent Gas Technologies LLC, has exclusively licensed advanced, revolutionary technologies for converting previously uneconomical sources of stranded natural gas and associated gas into high-value liquid fuels and chemicals. The company is headquartered in northern Michigan with operations focused in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit Mini-GTL, Micro-GTL, Methanol In A Box, Mini-GTL In A Box, GTL In A Box and GasTechno are registered trademarks of Gas Technologies LLC.

Walter Breidenstein
Gas Technologies LLC
Tel: +1-231-535-2914

Bestselling Author Jon Morgan Woodward Heats up Beverly Hills at His Red Hot Red Carpet Book Release Sunday Evening

 Jon Morgan Woodward, Author, Actor, and Producer of the Movie Hidden Valley The Awakening, The First in a Series of Five Movies From the Hidden Valley Saga, Releases Second Book in the Series, “Hidden Valley Game On” to VIPs and Celebrities at 424 Beverly Drive, 90210

Hollywood, CA, USA (July 20, 2016) Beverly Hills is still recovering from the thrilling private book release event that took place underground on Sunday July 17th at the exclusive 424 Beverly Drive venue. Hidden Valley: Game On, the second book in the series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Jon Morgan Woodward, was flying not only all over the red carpet as guests clamored to pose with the author, but the hot new release is also flying off the shelves as a top 300 book currently selling like hotcakes on The Red Carpet Book Release Event for Woodward’s highly anticipated second book, Hidden Valley: Game On channeled energy and enthusiasm from the plethora of actors and actresses, agents, directors and authors attending the exclusive black-tie affair.

Hosted by Woodward and his agent, Pierre Patrick of the Jerry Pace Agency, with Hidden Valley’s publicist Denise O’Brien, CEO of DOME Entertainment as Mistress of Ceremonies, the stars were introduced first on the red carpet step & repeat and then onstage as Woodward and Patrick announced many of the attending cast members for the slated Hidden Valley The Awakening Movie.

VIPs associated with the movie include Director John C. Buechler, actors Ola Ray, Jennifer Day, Fernando Allende, Hunter Wilson, Layne Herrin, Jenna McBombie, Mikel Steven, Adan Allende, and David Nestler. A brilliantly and cleverly crafted werewolf, complete with bubbling saliva and a menacing red tongue, created by Buechler, haunted the guests on the red carpet at the posh venue. The roaming werewolf, which Woodward so brilliantly fashioned in his two Hidden Valley novels, entertained the crowd at one moment and stood calmly behind screaming celebrities to pose for photos at other points of the evening. 

Guests made their way from Beverly Hills Drive street level down a steep red carpet to the elegant soiree below, grabbing their first copy of the hot off the press book, then joining both VIP celebrities and cast members of the movie, all mingling together over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. One VIP guest who travelled the farthest included the publisher of both Hidden Valley Books, Michael Ray King, who flew in from Florida to attend the fête, commenting, “As a publisher, my impression is that ultimately, the Hidden Valley: Game On red carpet celebration was a well-executed and extremely successful release of book two of the Hidden Valley series. Game On is currently making a run at Amazon Bestselling status in the fantasy/fiction/horror category. I see excellent things in the future for Jon Morgan Woodward and his projects.”

Concert pianist Dakota Hines performed an accompaniment to young singer Laci Kay as she delivered four well-crafted songs; “the performances were so well-received that the entire audience broke out in song to chime in the fun of the evening” expressed O’Brien, Woodward’s publicist, who busily interviewed all of the cast members and documented the event by video with colleague Davies Chirwa of DC Productions. The youngest guest of the evening was Nestler, a client of Patrick’s, a 12-year-old magician who dazzled the audience and mesmerized Woodward with incredible tricks from the stage with the confidence of a successful adult. Surprises galore was the theme of the evening. Many more surprises for all those who read the Hidden Valley Saga books.

For more information on Hidden Valley The Movie and the books, Hidden Valley: The Awakening, Hidden Valley: Game on, go to or

Twitter: @HiddenValleyMOV @JMWoodward2009

Denise O’Brien, Hidden Valley Public Relations Director

Twitter: @DOMEntertain @DancingEagleDOB Instagram: deniseobrien



Bloomfield Acupuncture College gets Master’s Degree Approval


July 20, 2016 Bloomfield, New Jersey

Bloomfield Acupuncture College gets Master’s Degree Approval

The practice of wellness and alternative medicine has had a profound impact on healthcare in our society, and in New Jersey for several years.  For so many people unable to find relief through contemporary western medicine, acupuncture has become a popular and sustainable medical alternative. 

Founded in 1997, the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, is the only college in New Jersey offering aspiring acupuncture clinicians with an accredited program.  The institution has been approved from many year by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(ACAOM), and provide a licensure program for graduates intending to practice in New Jersey.

In her announcement, Aida Morales-Almanzar, the College’s President said “recent college graduates, plus those interested in a rewarding second career; as well as credentialed health care professionals like chiropractors and physician’s assistants, are ideal candidates for the new master’s program.  We are proud of this important milestone as it will advance the study and practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine in our state.”

Found in the college’s name is the term traditional medicine.  The word traditional concerns the thousands of years of practice of Oriental healing (the correct reference to Eastern medicine) as a safe and effective way of dealing with pain, injury and illnesses.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine both define and explain the single most powerful instinct within the human body-the will to live.

“A big commitment of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is to serve the local community.  Under the guidance of the college’s licensed clinic supervisors, our intern clinic is open to the public at convenient times to treat a wide variety of ailments.  Along with regular open houses, the college offers lecture programs for the general public on a variety of health related topics such as smoking cessation and health eating.” Morales-Almanzar added.

“Humans inherently strive to preserve balance,” states Dr. Thomas Kouo, the college’s Academic Dean.  As our society reaches outward to discover and embrace an age of technology providing lifestyles blessed with convenience and choices, our human instincts are turning introspective suggesting reflection on the truths and wisdom of the past.  As modern medicine provides new an innovative way for us to diagnose, monitor, and even modify the body,” Dr. Kouo added, “we long to re-engage with the always-present biorhythms and natural circulation of the body’s intelligence and intricate energies that have sustained our race for millennia.  Our new master’s program dedicates a significant study section of these perspectives”.

The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is located in a modern learning-centric facility at 440 Franklin St 5th Floor, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

For more information please contact
Aida Morales-Almanzar, 973-746-8717 x15

SICOX™ – The world’s first Simple Complex Jewelry. ONE set of jewelry, MILLION ways to wear.

JRuan Studio New York Design Studio Introducing an innovative jewelry line and launched a campaign seeking community support to raise $15,000 by August 10, 2016, to produce their jewelry line, SICOX™. It’s unique customizable fashion jewelry. The product is versatile and functional, suitable for both men and women. It’s excellent for everyday wear or a night out. 

SICOX is the world’s first simple yet complex jewelry. One set of jewelry with a million ways to wear it. The design team spent over three years developing the product. It’s more than just a visual experience. In a digital world, hands-on experience is very valuable. SICOX can enhance a person’s creative thinking and thought process by inspiring consumers to create their own unique design.The JRuan team has built the base. All the customer has to do is complete the design that they want. That’s why it is so much fun.


To learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign. Click here to make a contribution and pre-order jars today. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will be delivered by October 2016. 

Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal. If the campaign does not reach the funding goal, then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount given can make a difference. This is also an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special project! Help the campaign reach its goal by sharing this on FacebookInstagram, and other social networks. The more people know about this, the more support the campaign will receive.

Suitable for Everyone

Media Contact
Company Name: SICOX
Phone: 646-229-2031
Country: United States

Sling International to sponsor Chinese Language Films in Alhambra as part of “Movie Picnic Night”

July 12th, 2016 (Los Angeles, California) Fresh Blue Entertainment announced that it will hold its debut “Movie Picnic Night” summer season starting July 16th with free screenings of Chinese language films at Alhambra Park, sponsored by Sling International, a premiere provider of over-the-top television services. Sling International will be the Platinum Sponsor for the entire summer’s events. Fresh Blue has an exclusive deal with Los Angeles-based China Lion Film Distribution to play three of its films over the course of 4 open air showings, with FilmRise’s hit Monster Hunt rounding out the screenings. The China Lion Films to be shown include the Gong Li fantasy sequel The Monkey King 2, Andy Lau-starrer Lost and Love and the Eddie Peng-Shu Qi romantic comedy The Last Women Standing.

Films start on each listed Saturday evening at dusk, with audiences able to bring their own picnic and non-alcoholic beverages; pre-show entertainment will be provided. Audience members are encouraged to bring blankets, pillows and low-to-ground chairs no taller than 21 inches from top to bottom.

All screenings will be subtitled in English and will take place in Alhambra at Alhambra Park at 500 North Palm Avenue. Restrooms are available on-site and City managed.

Sling International will have a dedicated booth at each showing so attendees can learn more about their offerings and services, including the just-debuted “Single Stream” and “Multi-Stream” choices that allow viewers to choose channels as part of a customizable package.

Full details can be found in both English and Chinese at


Details on the films scheduled for Alhambra’s Summer Saturday Movie Picnic Night:

July 16th: The Monkey King 2, starring Gong Li, Aaron Kwok and Feng Shaofeng, is a fantasy action film where the legendary Monkey King character must escort a traveling monk across a dangerous land filled with evil demons in order to retrieve sacred scriptures.


July 23rd: Lost And Love, starring Andy Lau and Jing Boran, is a drama based on a true story, following one man’s epic 14 year search for his son; while on this journey, he bonds with another man searching for his own family.


July 30th: Monster Hunt, starring Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Wu Jiang, Tang Wei and Wallace Chung, is a family fantasy film based on medieval China, where monsters and humans war over a newborn in an ancient world.


August 6th: The Last Women Standing, starring Eddie Peng and Shu Qi, is a romantic comedy where a woman falls in love with a younger man; she must decide which is more important – following her heart or her head.


Future screenings are expected to be programmed, with Fresh Blue Entertainment aiming to take its Chinese-language approach to free open air movie screenings nationwide in predominantly Chinese language communities.   Its goal is for families and friends to enjoy a community event, learn more about Chinese language films and filmmakers, and allow access to free entertainment.   Movie Picnic Night’s summer season runs June through August with special select showings throughout the remainder of the year.

About Sling TV

Sling TV, a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), provides over-the-top television services, including domestic and international live and on-demand programming. It is available on televisions, tablets, computers, smartphones and other streaming devices. Sling International currently provides more than 300 channels in 20 languages across multiple devices to U.S. households, including shows, news and sports in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese channels. Sling International is a next-generation service that meets the entertainment needs of today’s contemporary viewers. Visit for more information.

Follow @Sling on Twitter: #TakeBackTV

For Inquiries or Other Press Contacts about Sling International, please contact Zainab Ali at

For Inquiries or Other Press Contacts about “Movie Picnic Night” or Fresh Blue Entertainment, please contact Sean Liao at Launches Online Bookings for Fathom™ Cruises

NEW JERSEY (July 11, 2016) –, , a leading distributor of cruise vacations with a diverse collection of unique cruise brands, announced today one of the very first partnerships with Fathom™ cruises, enabling consumers to book Fathom™ cruises directly on the company’s website, effective July 8, 2016. offers consumers online access to all Fathom™ sailings with the added benefit of booking through a leading cruise agency. With the 100% Guarantee, consumers are guaranteed the lowest price on Fathom™ while also working with a credentialed cruise professional throughout the entire planning, booking and post-travel experience.  

“We’re very proud to be one of the first cruise distributors in the United States to offer vacationers the opportunity to book Fathom™ cruises to Cuba and the Dominican Republic online at,” shared John Maguire, president and CEO of International Voyager, Inc. “Fathom is not only a cruise vacation, but an opportunity to change lives and enrich your own. We are honored to be a part of history.” offers consumers seven night Fathom™ cruises to Cuba departing from Miami, Florida starting as low as $899 per person. Experience the rich culture and history of Cuba with cultural exchange activities on the island and cultural immersion opportunities at sea. Consumers looking to book a Fathom™ cruise can visit directly or call 1-800-407-2784 to speak to a cruise expert.

Online reservations for Fathom™ cruises at gives consumers real-time access to pricing and availability for journeys to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Largely by eased restrictions on US travel to Cuba, consumers can be a part of history as some of the first to travel to Cuba in more than 50 years.

“We are delighted with our partnership with ,” said Ron Fenska, vice president of sales for Fathom™.  “Travelers are very curious about the Fathom™ brand and this partnership allows us the opportunity to deliver top quality service and competitive prices.” 

Local Doctor Traveling to the Rio Olympics with the U.S. Wrestling Team



Local Doctor Traveling to the Rio Olympics with the U.S. Wrestling Team


Local Powder Springs, Georgia doctor, Dr. Fred Roberto, will be traveling to Rio with the United States Wrestling team as the team chiropractor and peak performance specialist.


Dr. Roberto is part of a global wellness company called Maximized Living. He has been supporting and traveling with the men’s freestyle team since 2009 as part of the wrestling contingent, including the 2012 London Olympics. Once again, everything is culminating now on the road to Rio.  


Dr. Roberto works very closely with the team delivering advanced spinal correction, advanced nutrition, mental preparedness and metabolic fitness programs to the team. These programs are designed to build strength and endurance, speed up recovery time, radically reduce the risk of injury, and most importantly to help the athletes perform at their optimal level. In a sport where there is only the slightest degree of separation between the winner and loser, it is crucial that their bodies are functioning at 100%.


“The wrestlers have responded extremely well under chiropractic care. They are really starting to see how it can enhance their performance and overall health. It is great to be a part of the preparation process these athletes go through to make it to this level of competition. As excited as I am to go to Rio, I am even more excited to have the opportunity to share these principles with my local community.” said Dr. Roberto.


The care Dr. Roberto provides to the athletes is the same care he provides in his local Powder Springs office. West Cobb Chiropractic is a Maximized Living Health Center delivering the 5 Essentials. This includes advanced spinal correction, mindset, nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.


For more information on Dr. Roberto or Maximized Living, go to


Dr. Roberto is available for live, phone or Skype interviews. If interested, please contact Kimberly Roberto at

Israeli Vocal Pedagogue and Author of 10 books received extraordinary honors in Italy

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, internationally renowned Vocal Pedagogue and Re-constructionist, Author of 10 books, with more than 35 years of worldwide teaching experience and Founder of the International Institute of Voice Development, Israel, LTD. has recently returned to Israel after a two-and-a-half-month Teaching and Speaking tour. She lectured at the University of Malta and at Sammut Hall in Malta, then in Sicily, Italy and the United States and taught Master Classes in Milan, Enna, Naples, Florida and New York.

On May 5. 2016, she received the International ‘Virdimura Award’ as the first Israeli Woman, for her outstanding work in the fields of Vocal Pedagogy, Human rights, against racism and Anti-Semitism of any kind, against the abuse of woman and for her efforts and accomplishments as a woman researcher in the field of Autism. 

This important event was broadcast and publicized by major newspapers, Television stations and Internet and her professional standing as a world leader in vocal pedagogy was widely acclaimed and hailed as technically innovative and life changing for singers, speakers and anyone using the vocal instrument. 

She was singled out by Professor Ignazio Vecchio and Professora Cristina Tornali, both Neurologists affiliated with the University of Catania in Sicily, as well as private and State Clinics and both deeply involved on a national and international level in the medical world. Prof. Tornali is also the President of Ain Onlus Associazione Italiana Neurodisabili and Prof. Vecchio is Vice President of the Societa’ Italiana Storia Della Medicina.

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman also received  recognition from the “Societa’ Italiana Storia della Medicina” the oldest such society in Italy and a special plaque was conferred to her by Professore Alefio Elio Cardinale,Vice President of the Institute of Superior Sanitation, Italy , at an event at which she lectured on her Italian book ” La Voce” at the University ‘Kore’ in Enna on her work in Vocal Pedagogy   to an enthusiastic audience.

She was interviewed by major radio stations in Italy: Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Virgin Generation as well as Radio 105 Miami. She lectured at the Liceo Gargallo in Siracusa, at the Jewish Community in Naples and held a Master class at the University Federico II in Naples where she also appeared on an important Radio Program on the F2 radio station of the University of Naples. 

From Italy she traveled to the United States, gave a 3-day Master Class in Florida and New York followed by several weeks of private lessons and a was applauded in a Mini-Master class at a special event for Cantors of the South East Cantors Assembly at Temple Solel in Hollywood Florida. 

On Tuesday July 12. 2016 her new International Radio Program “The Voice of Peace” – Conversations with G-d” will be broadcast world wide This will be a weekly show with a multitude of guests.

Information about her work can be found at,,, and on the MJAMJA channel on You Tube. All her books and CD’s are available on