Amazing Wedding Ring Designs

Amazing Wedding Ring DesignsJust like you are unique, you want a wedding ring that is unique too. It is something you will wear day in and day out so you want something you love and will enjoy looking at constantly.

First there is a round shape diamond. Believe it or not, round is the most popular choice for stone shape in wedding rings. This could be because it creates the most brilliance for a stone. Girls love sparkles! I know, mine is a round shape and it sparkles like none other and I absolutely love that about it. Next we have a square shape which is called princess cut. This is also another popular choice. In my opinion, it probably has to do with the name, all girls secretly wish they were a princess. There is also what is known as the emerald cut. This is rectangular in shape. Something to keep in mind is that inclusions in a diamond might be more apparent in rectangular shaped stones. Similar to the round cut, there is an oval shape. This is kind of nice because it integrates the round feel and rectangle feel. Also it is more unique. I know I haven’t seen too many oval shaped rings. Since I mentioned you want a ring that is unique to you, some women prefer the pear shaped diamond. This resembles a teardrop in shape. Keep in mind that if you want this shape, make sure the ring has extra prongs to protect the edges of the diamond. Another unique look is a heart shaped diamond. They can either be fat so they appear wider or elongated so they are taller. Often the prongs on the band holding the diamond in place are v-shaped so that the heart diamond has a better shape. The last shape I want to talk about is trilliant. This is a triangular shaped diamond. More often than not, these are used as side stones to accentuate the center stone.

So now we have talked about the cut of a diamond and the shape of the diamond. Once you have those picked out there is so much you can do in order to have a unique wedding ring, it all just comes down to the setting. You can have the diamond in a simple solitaire setting which is just the diamond on a plain band. To jazz this basic ring up a little you can add little pave diamonds onto the band. If you want something slightly more flashy than that, you could add two bands with pave diamonds. Another idea is to add pave diamonds around the main diamond itself. You can have thicker bands or thinner bands. You can have a straight band, or a band that curves around in some fashion. The bottom line is that you can find wedding rings in just about any style. My wedding ring is a more traditional style, while a friend of mine has a ring that looks like her diamond is set in a spiders web and it very antique looking. It all comes down to your style and preference. There are so many different jewelers out there so make sure to work with someone who is trustworthy and understands your vision if you are custom designing something incredible and unique.