Dressing for a First Date

Dressing for a First DateWhen it comes to dressing for a first date, you want to look your best, feel confident and sexy, and be ready to have fun. You don’t have to break the bank in order to have a top notch date night look. There are many cheap cute tops you can choose from, that will best complement your body type, and give you a hot look for your date.

Tank tops are a classy style of top that you can wear. Tank tops can be dressed up in silk, cotton, or linen fabric. Choose a top that has sequin adornments, rich beading, or in a vibrant print. Tank tops rock because you can layer it with a sweater or blazer over it. When wearing a tank top alone, show off your arms by wearing stacked bracelets, or an armlet.

V neck tops are a great choice to show off a beautiful neckline, a great bust, or to give a sense of curves to your figure. Lean women should opt for a top that ties at the waist, to create a waistline. Plus size women look best with a v neck top that cinches under the bust. Flowing fabrics offer a sense of femininity and a delicate feel.

Ladies that are feeling more daring can choose an off the shoulder top, or even a tube top. Off the shoulder tops look great with long hair or short hair. Tube tops should be balanced out with a longer skirt or a pair of pants. Make sure that when you choose a tube top, that it fits snug and will not fall down easily. Choosing to purchase a cheap cute top should not mean you need body glue to wear it.

If you are looking for more coverage, or have a more conservative sense of style, button up tops are best. Button up tops look great on their own, under a jacket, or in a wrap style. To give your shirt a more relaxed look and feel, leave the top two buttons open. Make sure to pair your look with some classy earrings, or an eye-catching necklace.

Cheap cute tops do not mean that you will look cheap or dowdy. Choose fashionable designs that make your body type look its best. Freshen up your look with accessories, and above all work your personal style with confidence and finesse. A first date may make you nervous, but a well chosen outfit will imbue you with the confidence of a fashion goddess.