Tips for Finding Beautiful and Unique Jewelry

Tips for Finding Beautiful and Unique JewelryEmbarking on a jewelry purchasing adventure can be a very exciting, romantic and fun time. Depending on the occasion that the jewelry is being purchased for there are different ways to make sure that the jewelry is beautiful and unique for the recipient. So how do you find beautiful yet unique jewelry for someone or even yourself? Here are helpful tips in finding a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and unique that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

    • Customize- Many jewelers are able to customize jewelry that will reflect the person who will be wearing it. Being able to make style and design choices makes the jewelry a one of a kind piece of art. No one else will have that same piece of jewelry. A customize piece could be for a bride to be, a groom or even to be able to give to family members to remember special occasions. It is possible to customize rings, bracelets and necklaces and other items. The customized jewelry can be a surprise gift or a collaborative effort together. Either way it will be sure to be unique and beautiful.


    • Pandora- Pandora jewelry is able to be unique and beautiful for its ability to change with the removing and addition of pieces. With over 600 charms and pendants jewelry can be designed to be a perfect reflection of anyone personality. Pandora also offers the ability to buy different pieces and elements over the recipient’s lifetime. You can be able to make jewelry that will be able to tell a story from the beginning of a relationship to the end. The relationship doesn’t need to be limited between spouses; it can be for a daughter, mother or friend as well. Selecting charms and pendants that have special meaning behind it will make for a unique item.


    • Gemstones and Colored Diamonds- the traditional beauty of clear diamonds will always stay in fashion and be beautiful. But for a more unique look consider using colored diamonds or gemstones to add more personality to the jewelry. Popular birthstone gemstones are in order; garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, period, sapphire, opal, citrine and turquoise. There are different hues to each gemstone which makes it possible to be able to create a piece of jewelry that will be special and original.


  • Gold and Silver- Yellow gold has been considered a more old style, or traditional color of gold. But it is currently becoming more and more popular. White gold and silver is still popular as well, many engagements are with white gold diamond rings. Both are beautiful and come down to the individual style of the person who will be wearing it. To be able to have a unique gold or silver piece consider combining the both or selecting one tone and adding complimentary gemstones and diamonds to it.