Wedding Bands

Two Platinum or Silver Rings - Reflected Candles

Looking for a pair of the most exquisite wedding bands you will ever see? Do diamonds dazzle you? Visit Mitchum Jewelers at to view one of the nicest collections of wedding bands in the United States.
Found in Ozark, Missouri, Mitchum Jewelers is known for its “brilliant ideas since 1965.” Back in January of 1965, John Mitchum opened Mitchum Jewelers and so began a lifelong trade that turned into not just a family business, but a passion. The art of jewelry making was passed down to his son Randy as well who now takes care of most of the business.
Mitchum Jewelers features on its website brand such as TacoriPandora, Parade, and Chatham, all reputable, some of the finest jewelry on the market. If you’re looking for customization, and a ring that no one else will have, this is the place to go.
Mitchum Jewelers is well known for wedding bands, specifically men’s bands. Women have gorgeous diamonds, but that’s no reason for men to not have some of the dazzle that their fairer counterparts have. Whether you enjoy gold or silver, whether you like diamonds or simple bands, visiting is an educating experience and you’re certain to find a band that you’ll fall in love with. You might prefer a simple polished gold or silver band. Maybe you enjoy diamonds set into the precious metal. You could have a mix of metals, or choose rose gold or platinum, tungsten or titanium. Or maybe you’d even like to incorporate your faith into your custom wedding band and have a cross of diamonds or of a different kind of metal. Whatever you wish, you can be sure you will get it and for a reasonable price. Each band is also crafted with a smooth, rounded interior for the most comfortable fit a man could imagine.
Further personalization of the wedding bands include engraving, which can be done inside the band for little extra cost. Take the time to peruse the website and see for yourself that some of the most popular brands like Tacori, Pandora, Parade, and Chatham, are carried by Mitchum Jewelers. Women can choose their own delicately crafted wedding bands that will accentuate their engagement rings and match their future partner’s ring as part of a lovely set. The skilled jewelers at Mitchum Jewelers are always more than willing to help, with links on their website to contact info and their phone number boldly emblazoned on the top of their web page. Everything is crafted with care and would not be in stock if it was not the most perfect of all creations. Give your loved one a gift they will remember. Slip a symbol of your life-long love on their finger and show them that they mean more to you than anything else in the entire world.